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Victory FC & Academy was born in 2013 by Aaron Soby in cooperation with the Cleveland Soccer Foundation (USA) as a result of decades of experience playing and coaching in Europe and North America. During that time, he observed how players and coaches struggled to reach their potential, either because of a sense of failure, lack of opportunity, or character. As a result, he birthed VICTORY to create an environment where all players, regardless of their personal background, can be given the opportunity to be victorious in life both on and off the field.

Photo (Right): Victory FC, Easter Camp, 2015

Our Story (History)

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A Unique Character Based Club

Victory FC & Academy is an international grassroots developmental football (soccer) academy that seeks to serve the world of football with quality and excellence.

Our staff seeks to develop grassroots and top elite players and teams around the world that play and represent the sport with honor, dignity, and respect both on and off the field.  They worked at all levels within the sport from the beginner to professional as they dare to believe that people’s lives and communities can be positively transformed through sport. They strive to see their players become champions in life as well as in sport through its various football programs.

What Makes Us Unique?

4 Things That Set Us A Part From All Others...

  • Character Development Curriculum: 
    Strengthening the ‘inner’ player through a weekly life-skills and character development curriculum.

  • Personal Care For Players 
    Caring for players needs first, before results on the field.

  • Inclusion For All
    A football (Soccer) program that desires to bring in players who are not normally given the opportunity to play due to financial, cultural, and/or linguistic barriers.

  • A Path To Elite Football
    Victory firmly believes that players should have the opportunity to reach their dreams, whether that be to play in high school, university, and the pro's, without a glass ceiling over their heads.  In order to make this happen, we have secured a long-term partnership within the family of RUSH SOCCER that can provide our players with the opportunity should they have the will and the talent to rise in the game.

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