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Vision, Mission, Values
Coaching Philosophy & Pyramid of Success



Victorious Players
In Sport and Life


Developing Grassroots to Elite Players of Character, Honor, and Excellence

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Core Values


Who you are when nobody is looking and you are under pressure


Standing up and fighting for all that is good, moral, praiseworthy, and right


The absolute highest quality and standard that you can achieve through hard work, discipline, perseverance, and practice

Our Coaching Philosophy

4 PRINCIPLES Guide Us When We Coach Our Players.....

  • TRUE VICTORY: Real success come through achieving your goals is based on WHO YOU ARE and NOT ON WHAT YOU DO. True success in sport and life does not come from winning games and from your achievements, but through WHO YOU ARE and how you live that out. 

  • ALL VALUABLE: Every player is valuable as a human being to us and worthy of care, respect, and holistic development (Body, Mind, and Heart) to the fullest.

  • PLAYER-CENTERED DEVELOPMENT: We believe in coaching players in a way that they are at the center of the learning process and that the club has in mind primarily each player's success in life ahead of the club.  Development is NOT about winning games but about each player obtaining EXCELLENCE at all times.

  • MAXIMUM TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Not every player is created equally in terms of talent, but every player regardless of their natural abilities can and should be developed to their fullest potential and provided the opportunity to reach their dreams.


What Is Success? 

The "Victory Pyramid of Success” runs in the veins as the lifeblood of every person in our club.....

  • Level 1 - The Foundation: Character, Honor, and Excellence

  • Level 2 - The Character Building Blocks... These character traits are the start of the kind of player we are trying to build: Respectful, faithful, hard working, etc.

  • Level 3 - The Mission: We strive with all of our hearts to win games!! However, it is just a game.  OUR ULTIMATE GOAL of all that we are building in our players is a VICTORIOUS LIFE FAR BEYOND FOOTBALL both on and off the field in their lives.  We want this sense of triumph to not only be a fleeting memory of a game once played, but way of life and habit that are as familiar as breathing itself.

To provide appropriate credit, the "Victory Pyramid of Success" was inspired by John Wooden's "Pyramid of Success" which he developed for his collegiate athletes. Please click here for his materials which has guided Victory in much that we do... JOHN WOODEN

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