Why “Champions” in Cyprus?

The “Champions” Fund – Cyprus has been created to help all of those financially disadvantaged children who have come predominantly from the Middle East, and in particular from Syria, with their families to Cyprus to seek a better and safer life for themselves. They are arriving into the country as refugees with almost no material possessions in order to flee the war, poverty, and social upheaval which has ravaged their countries. As a result, their children have almost no opportunity to get involved in any soccer program, much less a high quality one which competes in a real organized league, and to receive character development training. However, Victory wants to change this trend and to provide an opportunity for them to become champions in sports and life.

Overview and Goals

Victory Football is seeking to partner with individuals and companies who have a desire to help these disadvantaged children to become true champions through financial sponsorship and donations. 

We are seeking to raise $20,400 by Month Day, 2019 to help pay for 34 children ($600/child for the 2018-2019 school year).

All of the registration funds after expenses from the CHC – Junior Victory Program will be sent to Cyprus for the Champions Fund

If you would like to give an additional Tax-deductible gift (you will receive a receipt for your donation) to help us read our goal in order to help these children, please click here.

Any Questions?
Contact: Aaron Soby 
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Email: aaron.soby@victory-football.com