A new generation of competitive to elite players who play the game with character, honor, and excellence.  

Competitive Program Goals

For every Victory Player to develop to the best of his/her ability and strength…..

  1. EXCELLENCE in one’s technical and tactical abilities as an individual and team player.
  2. Strong and unbreakable CHARACTER in one’s journey to be VICTORIOUS in sport and life.
  3. The ability to stand and consistently be a player and person of HONOR. 


  1. Quality Training & Player Development: Providing excellent, year-round, and age-appropriate player development under the “mentoring” of high-level coaches in a quality facility/environment.
  2. Excellent Competition: Entering teams into strong, challenging, and appropriate competition
  3. Character Development: Teaching, modeling, and molding the players to be “Victory Players” through a strong character development program (Involves curriculum and coaches who mentor and model healthy and strong character to the players).

Character Development

Time is committed at each training session to teach and discuss Victory’s character development curriculum. The specific character traits of a “Victory Player” which we emphasize and teach in this program are: 

      1. True Victory
      2. Character
      3. Honor 
      4. Excellence
      5. Respectful
      6. Submissive
      7. Hard Working
      8. Perseverant
      9. Disciplined
      10. Focused (Committed)
      11. Faithful
      12. Humble
      13. Honest
      14. Courageous
      15. Servant Team Player
      16. Kind & Compassionate

Training and Competition:

  • Training will take place 2x per week from August 1-June 30 (Excluding major holidays)
  • Competition
    • Each team will partake in CSA competition in the fall and spring season.
    • In the winter, Victory Rush teams will compete in local leagues organized by clubs and/or by local facilities.  
    • Victory Rush teams will partake in various tournaments throughout the year around other competitions to provide the team with opportunities to develop against new and strong competition. 
    • Most (not all) CSA games are played in the Denver area with the exception of an occasional game here and there at the lower levels of competition.  However, as the team develops and moves up the CSA ladder into higher and strong levels of play, travel will most likely increase where it is not unusual for a couple games during the season to be a 2-4 hour road trip for the team within state (and sometimes out of state for tournaments).   Our goal is to provide quality competition for our players that matches their ability level as close to home as possible.

Rush Soccer Club Partnership Provides The Following For Victory FC:

  1. A solid club that has operated for decades in Colorado, around the country, and across the globe (40,000 players approximately who play in the Rush family) that will provide Victory players and teams with a credible way to move into competitive soccer.
  2. Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) league participation for our club through Rush.
  3. For those players with the talent, ability, and will to work hard, there is a great opportunity to go as far as one can along Rush’s “Pathway to the Pros,” first through Victory FC Rush teams and then through Rush’s regional and national program, “Rush Select.”
  4. A greater number and more quality playing opportunities within the national Rush family for strong competition for our teams.
  5. Assistance for high school players to navigate the difficult waters that are involved with getting recruited and playing at the university level.

Year-Round vs. Seasonal Competitive Soccer Development

  • Victory FC ENCOURAGES players and builds our competitive program to help players and teams reach their fullest potential and maintain a healthy balance in their lives…
    1. For players to keep development moving year-round in their soccer but at a slower pace than is typically found in the average American athlete and club that often thinks in ‘intense seasons” (fall, winter, spring, and summer).   Therefore, Victory FC structures into its annual competitive team training programs health-oriented breaks, such as a 1-week off after seasons or larger breaks, multiple weeks off at Christmas and in the summer, and most weekends off in the summer and winter.  This provides balance in players’ lives as we seek to help players reach their fullest potential as players, nurture their passion for the game, and to avoid burn-out, which many competitive players experience.   
    2. On the basis that a player chooses soccer as his/her “major” sport, we strongly encourage players to have 1x  other “minor” sport along the way that he/she plays seasonally (or year-round), potentially 1x (and at the most 2x) per week. This different approach to sport facilitates a healthy balance in life, the greatest potential for development in all sports, and an ongoing love for soccer and whatever other sport he/she plays.  Having multiple sports is good and healthy as long as his/her weekly sports schedule is done at a healthy pace (NOT breakneck speed). 
    3. We strongly encourage players to have lots of unstructured soccer playtime with friends outside of training and watch professional soccer as much as possible to nurture their skills and love for the game.  It is just the structured trainings and events we don’t want to over-do to the detriment of the player and his/her development as a player and as a person.
  • In contrast, Victory FC does NOT ENCOURAGE….
    1. …..Structured soccer to be played every day of the week year-round, especially for ages 12 and under, as this often brings about burnout which we very much would like to avoid in competitive athletes.  
    2. …..Playing one sport (or even seasonal) year-round athletics at breakneck speed and intensity, especially for athletes ages 12 under.  This is not healthy for athletes or their families and typically does not help athletes reach their fullest potential in the game and their lives in general due to tiredness and burnout. Instead, athletes and clubs ideally need to spread out what they do year-round with lots of breaks and time for other important things, such as family, recreational activities, friends, etc.  
  • 1 Year Commitment (With the freedom to move)
    • We ask players to commit to their teams one year at a time in the late spring/early summer (The annual commitment goes from July 1 through June 30 of the following year). Though payments are made monthly, this is done with the understanding that players are committed to the program the entire year and so covers all of his/her costs all year.  This being said, a player is not necessarily bound to play (and pay) all year if he/she chooses to move on from his/her competitive team.  In this case, we just ask out of respect for his/her team, that any movement is done after a given competitive season in the fall or spring in order to maintain the integrity of the team in the middle of the playing season. 
    • If a player withdraws at any time for any reason and then re-registers at a later time, it is not a problem. THERE IS FREEDOM IN VICTORY FC TO COME AND GO. However, he/she will have to pay the club’s re-registration fee of $20 (Amount in Fall, 2021 season which the club reserves the right to raise at any time).  

Costs and Financial Philosophy:

  • Total Annual Cost: $900-$1100 depending on payment choice
    • The traditional competitive team in South Denver charges between $600-$2000 for a total of 4-6 months out of the year (2-3 months in the fall and 2-3 months in the spring). This means that the average cost that a family pays per player is $150-$333/month for 5 months (2.5 months in the spring and 2.5 months in the fall) of training and league competition.
    • Victory, on the other hand, is approaching competitive soccer in a completely different way due to our club’s commitment to year-round player development at a sensible and affordable price. As a non-profit organization, our club believes strongly in providing a quality soccer product for their families in a cost-effective manner in order to ensure that a family’s “investment” in their child’s soccer is more than worthwhile.
    • Note: A Victory competitive player can withdraw or pause at any time ($20 re-registration fee does apply if and when the player returns), but ideally after a given fall or spring season.
  • Uniform Cost: Exact Amount TBD.   It will be bought through Rush and is around $165 total (purchased 1x every 2 years; bi-annual cycle: 2021, 2023, etc.) for full home and away “kit”; Sweats, bags, etc. are optional and can be purchased in addition to this at any time.
  • League Competition Costs: TBD….. Around $60-$80 per season (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Winter Indoor League – TBD 
  • Optional Tournament Costs: TBD…..However, these will be limited to a couple per year and will remain local (In the Front Range, ideally in Denver or nearby).

We want to keep costs down as much as possible through corporate sponsorship and advertisement. If you know of a company that is interested in investing in this “young generation’s character development for next generation’s leadership,” please see Aaron Soby, Victory FC Director (See below contact info). 

Registration and Sign-Up:



  • Please contact Aaron Soby, Victory FC Director
    • Cell: 720-592-6575 (Text or call)
    • Email: aaron.soby@victory-football.com