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Victory FC – Competitive Fees & Flexible Pricing For All Budgets

Victory Football highly values keeping its fees as low and economical as possible for children and their families who are seeking a high-quality recreational and elite soccer program.  We offer programs and attendance options for every family’s budget and a scholarship program (See “Champions Scholarship Fund” below) so that any child from a financially limited background can attend and reach their full potential in the game.

Annual One-Time Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable $20 one-time annual registration fee per player to cover annual liability insurance (which is non-refundable to our liability insurance company) and other similar annual expenses. The fee applies for the given calendar year in which a player participates, and each participant will be charged once per calendar year regardless of how long or in which season they participate.  

 Participation Fee

Please see each program and site for participation fees at

Uniform & Victory Character Card Fees

All children are expected to wear the Victory shirts, shorts, and socks to all training sessions and games, not their own personal clothing. There is a uniform and Victory Character Card fee separate from the registration and participation fee based on a “per-item-purchase” basis.  Specific costs for uniform and Victory Character Cards are listed on each program page at

Refund/Credit Policy

If a player has to suddenly withdraw due to a season-ending injury or other unforeseen unavoidable reasons, a refund/credit will be honored accordingly:

Summer Academy

  • From registration to 1st Training: 20% of the registration fee is non-refundable once the season has started: 10% of the registration fee will be subtracted from the total registration per week of the program up to 2 weeks.

Summer Camp:

  • Before 1st day of camp: Full refund or credit towards a future season
  • After 1st day of camp: 80% refund/credit
  • After the first day of camp, you will be refunded/credited as follows:
    • Day 2: 60% refund
    • Day 3: 50% refund

Covid-19 Refund/Credit Policy

If Victory FC soccer programs are canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a refund/credit will be honored as follows from the week that the state or county prohibits athletic activity:

Summer Academy:

  • Before 1st Training: Full refund or credit towards a future season
  • During 1st week of training: 80% refund/credit
  • After the first week of training, you will be refunded/credited as follows:
    • Week 2: 70% refund
    • Week 3: 50% refund
    • Week 4: 25% refund

Summer Camp:

  • Before 1st day of camp: Full refund or credit towards future season
  • After 1st day of camp: 80% refund/credit
  • After the first day of camp, you will be refunded/credited as follows:
    • Day 2: 60% refund
    • Day 3: 50% refund
    • Day 4: 25% refund

All refunds are figured from the date that withdrawal is communicated to us in writing.


In general, there are no discounts for any program in Victory FC to ensure that the business can function in a financially solvent way long-term.  We have sought to keep our fees below the market rate compared to other soccer clubs. 

There are NO DISCOUNTS in the following circumstances…….

  1. If training and games are cut short on a given month due to holidays, weather, sickness, illness, etc.
  2. Multiple siblings from one family: If a family is in need of a scholarship due to having more than one sibling in the program, then the parents may apply for a scholarship on the basis there are still funds available.
  3. For coming fewer days than the program for which they signed up.
  4. Absence due to an extended holiday: If a player goes away on holiday for an extended period of time beyond the normal time that Victory is closed.
  5. For other miscellaneous circumstances beyond Victory FC’s control.

Payment Expectations:

All parents are responsible for paying all of the above fees for their child(ren) to participate in the program. Children will not be able to participate until the child’s balance is paid.

Payment Date & Method – Electronic Payments:

  • All payments will be made by credit/debit card through Victory FC’s on-line registration and payment system.


  • One of our top values in Victory FC is that our program is available for all children regardless of background or economic situation. Therefore, the “CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND has been established.
  • For Victory FC to function in a healthy financial way and provide ongoing soccer opportunities for all of the children, Victory FC can only provide funds raised separately from the normal operating budget.
  • Scholarships from the “CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND are awarded on a needs-basis for families that truly cannot afford monthly fees but still want to participate in the program. Please speak to a Victory FC representative to obtain a scholarship application form.
  • All children receiving a scholarship are expected to pay their $20 registration fee, uniform fee, and the agreed-upon amount of membership fee payment after the scholarship has been awarded. We work on the philosophy that people value what they pay for. Therefore, every family will contribute as much money as possible towards their child’s soccer fees according to what they can afford.
  • Victory FC is always looking for new companies and individuals or who are looking to donate to our “CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND. If you or your company would like to donate to help us provide a scholarship for underprivileged children, please speak to Aaron Soby, Victory Football Director.
  • Cell: 720-592-6575
  • Email:


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Victory Football.
Aaron Soby
Cell: 720-592-657