Private School League

Private School League

League Overview

Victory Football would provide a secondary schools’ football league to serve the private schools of the Limassol area.  It would potentially include three age divisions as the number of schools grows:

  • Grades 7-9 (U-14 Division)
  • Grades 10-11 (U-16 Division)
  • Grades 12-13 (U-18 League)

League Services

Victory Football would provide for the schools the following:

  • Centralized Match Scheduling
  • Setting up referees for games (3 per match)
  • Running of league website so teams can stay up on scores, standings, and news

 League Schedule & Logistics

  • Each team would play home and away matches against all of their other teams in their age division.  Their coach would be responsible to work with Victory Football staff to coordinate all of their matches.
  • Each school is responsible cover the cost of their own home games separately from any league fees.  Payments for fields would NOT go through Victory Football.
  • There would be one game per week throughout two three month seasons & one cup season with one game per week (League points would accumulate throughout both three month seasons with a league championed crowned at the end). Teams are expected to play with their scheduled opponents throughout the year or face fines for no-show or withdrawal (Please see below under League Costs, Fines, and Payment Details regarding fines).
    • Season 1, Mid-September through Mid-December
    • Season 2, February through Mid-April
    • Private School Open Cup tournament competition, May
  • Teams must register for the league by September 1 prior to the start of Season 1 with payment in full (Please see below for payment amounts and payment schedule).

 League Costs, Fines, & Payment Details

  • The cost per team for Seasons 1 & 2 is €1000 payable to Victory Football either at one time or in two installments of €500 due September 1 and December 15.
  • If the league fee payment is not made on time, there will be a 5% extra charge per week.  No team will be allowed to play in the league until full payment has been made and will face “No-Show” fines of €60 per game that has been scheduled.
  • The cost for the cup competition is to be determined.
  • No-show fine is €60 Euros per game.
  • League withdrawal fine is €200 and must be paid prior to reentering the league the following year.
  • Each team is responsible to communicate with the Victory Football Schools’ League Coordinator to sort out and communicate on payment details.
  • League fees should be made out by cheque to “Faltod Ltd,” the present official name of the registered company under which Victory Football is operating.  If a school would like to make an electronic transfer of funds, then please contact the League Coordinator, Keir McDowall, to obtain bank information.

For League Sign-Up and/or More Information

Please contact:

Keir McDowall, Private School League Coordinator
Mobile: +357 99 063686