Program Goals

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Children will learn the fundamentals of the game from quality coaches who will assist them to reach their fullest potential as players.

The focus of the program is on allowing “kids to be kids” in a really fun environment with lots of games, exciting activities, and competitions. All children regardless of skill and athletic ability are welcome and encouraged to participate in order to grow in their love of the game and sport.

Children will be taught very important life skills and character development traits throughout the various schools’ programs offered. Victory believes that this is an essential part of every child’s healthy development for both their schooling experience and for life.

 Victory Football Offers Your School Children…

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQuality Football Training For Primary School Children – Victory Football offers schools the
    opportunity for their students to participate in a top class introductory football program as an after-school club by quality licensed coaches and assistants at a very reasonable price and during a convenient time.
  2. Competition – The program provides the children from numerous schools to play in a fun Saturday football league for children.
  3. A Safe & Positive Learning Environment – Victory Football is also able to partner with parents and schools to provide for their children a safe, fun, and positive learning environment in which their children can engage in physical activity, grow socially, & be introduced to both recreational and competitive football.
  4. English Language Development (For Non-English Speakers) – All of the coaching is in English and will provide those who are learning English as a second language the opportunity grow in their understanding and ability to communicate with those around them within the sporting environment.

 Positive Personal & Social Benefits For School Children

  1. photo_1331817902697-1-0Physical Fitness – Better physical fitness through regular sporting activities translates into better health and school performance for children.
  2. Social Growth – The program offers children the opportunity to build friends with school peers in a non-academic & fun sporting environment
  3. Personal Internal Growth & Character Development – Children are able to develop self-confidence, personal strength as individuals through participation in Victory’s after-school football program.
  4. English Language Development – For non-native English speakers, the opportunity to develop in one’s English language skills as the training sessions are held in English.

 Program Explanation & Overview

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  • Partnership Victory Football partners with a school to run a school-based football program for their students who are in primary school, years 1-6 (approximately 5-11)
  • MidWeek TrainingVictory Football coaching staff would hold one training session per week in order to provide the foundations of skill development in a fun and exciting environment.
  • Saturday Competition – On Saturdays all of the children from the various participating schools are mixed up into equally strong teams in order to ensure healthy and fun competition and team development.  There is the potential for occasional one-off tournaments between the participating schools in order to provide an opportunity for the children to compete alongside of their classmates.
  • Victory Football would provide:
    1. A quality, experienced, & licensed coaching staff who are either native English speakers or who are completely fluent in the language. Occasionally professional international coaches can be brought in to supplement Victory Footballs program.
    2. A progressive football curriculum that will teach the children the fundamentals of the game and introduce them to competitive football.
    3. Football equipment – Training bibs, cones, etc. Note: If the school does not have enough footballs for all of the children, then children will need to bring their own ball to training.
    4. Victory Football t-shirt for training and games. Note: Children will be asked to provide their own royal blue shorts 
    5. A life skills curriculum through which to go with the players.  Some examples of topics covered in this program would be sportsmanship, hard work, team work, and the like.
    6. Back office administrative support to process program payments and field parental questions.
  • A partnering school would have the responsibility to provide:
    1. A football pitch large enough for the group at least once and potentially two times per week depending on numbers at a location at or near their school grounds.
    2. Promotional support to advertise the program in the school.

 Program LogisticsNetherlands-vs-Turkey-Football-Tickets-07-09-2012

  1. Schedule & Timing
    • The program would be set-up on a per term-basis, and a school can choose if it would like to hold the program either one, two, or all three terms.
    • The program would begin approximately 15 minutes after school finishes and run for one hour and fifteen minutes.
  2. Cost & Facilities
    • There is no cost for a school to partner with Victory Football.  However, there would be a small monthly (or per term) fee per child that would be paid directly to Victory Football. There would also be a one-time charge for the training t-shirt (uniform) that each family would pay at the beginning of the program unless specified otherwise.
    • As mentioned above, a school is responsible to provide for the program a safe and workable football pitch ideally at no extra charge to the Victory Football after-school club program.  This would facilitate keeping the cost as low as possible for the participating families.  However, if there are any costs associated with the hiring of a pitch, this cost should be covered by the school or be built into the cost of the program for the children which would translate into a slightly higher registration fee.
  3. Assistant Coaches

    • Victory Football would be quite open to having reliable, mature, and responsible high-school players from the school work as volunteer assistant coaches in the program to provide a better player/coach ratio.
    • All those interested in potentially serving in this role would need to fill-out an application form and provide a reference in order to serve in this official capacity. Please contact Keir McDowall, the Schools’ Program Coordinator, for more details and forms (Contact information found below).
  4. Liability Insurance
    • Victory Football would carry liability insurance on the program as a partner with the school in offering this program for the children.
    • However, it would also be essential for the school to carry its own liability insurance on the program as well since the program is officially operated under the school’s name as an after-school club of the school.



Are There Scholarships Available?LA 1

Yes, scholarships are available for children from lower income families to a limited extent on a case by case level.  Victory Football deeply values making their programs available for all children regardless of background and makes every effort possible to provide financial assistance to those who otherwise would not be able to participate in an after-school sports program. Please contact Keir McDowall for more information and to receive an application (Please see below for contact info).


For More Information & To Sign-Up Your School

Please contact:  

Keir McDowall, Schools’ Program Coordinator
Mobile: +357 99 063686