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  1. A Positive Team Experience For All: It is very important to Victory to provide a truly positive team experience for every player.  This comes through regular positive interaction with friends, going through the highs and lows of winning and losing games in league competition, being challenged in new ways, and learning from one’s coach and teammates.  
  2. Character Development: Team competition is an essential component of Victory because it teaches players CHARACTER, one of the club key core values. We want every player to to learn to be a TRUE CHAMPION in the midst of intense competition.  This includes being humble in victory, gracious and perseverant in defeat, respectful to all in every occurrence during and after the game, and a selfless servant to one’s teammates.  Learning to be this kind of person in the heat of competition takes time, but we want all the players to grow in this area in every game in which they compete. 
  3. Fun With Friends: It is very important for every player to have fun with one’s teammates and friends by sharing in an intense competition experience together.  Though the intensity and game results of competition can at times make the game not so fun, we strive to help players maintain the fun of the sport even in the midst of the challenges that comes with competition.  Part of one’s character growth is learning to keep the fun in the game even in the midst of intensely pursuing excellence and winning games.   
  4. A Strong Coach: We seek to provide a strong and stable coach who will work with, truly value, and believe in your child’s growth and development as an individual person, as a team member, and as a growing player in the game.   


In order of PRIORITY…..

  1. Geography/Site Location: Our teams are built first and foremost by players who sign-up to play at a specific site, school, or program.  We seek not to mix players on teams who train at different sites or on different training days at the same site because it is very important to build cohesion between the team members from training sessions into the games.   The only exception to this rule is when a team/age group at a given site has too few numbers and needs to combine with another team in order to play on game day.  
  2. Age:  Your child is placed on a competition team that is based on his/her age at the location and on the training day in which he/she is training. Players typically play on teams with children who are only 1 year older or younger than one another.   In the case of smaller programs at a given site/day, the age difference between children may be a little bit more, but special care is given to create “sub-groups” to make sure children are training with and competing against children of one’s similar age (+ or – 1 year difference)
  3. Team Parity: It is very important to build teams that are as equal to one another as possible in order to give every team an opportunity to be competitive in given division.  Team parity is based on player talent and physical abilities, age, gender, and team chemistry.  We will do all we can to set-up teams that are equal to one another with children at a given site training on the same day.
  4. Friends: Playing with friends is a very important part of one’s competition experience, and we can usually accommodate so that buddies can play together.  However, just to provide ample warning, we cannot guarantee this as team parity is more important and takes precedence of friends remaining togeher in order to provide a positive experience for everybody on the team and in the program. This means that we philosophically do NOT stack teams with friends simply so they can play together as this often results in either the team losing a lot of games or crushing all of their opponents. 
  5.  Team Numbers: We seek to build teams that have a minimum of 1 substitute and no more than 3-5 substitutes for a given game to make sure that there are enough players at a given game and that everybody gets plenty of playing time (We seek to have players play minimally 75% of every game depending on the number of subs).

Playing Time:

  • Teams are NOT formed to solely win games but to be competitive as much as possible in league play. We challenge and teach all of our players in light of who plays and how much time each person gets on the field that TRUE VICTORY IS NOT IN WINNING GAMES (ALWAYS KEEPING THE BEST TALENTED PLAYERS ON THE FIELD ALL THE TIME) BUT IN BEING THE RIGHT PERSON OF CHARACTER IN EVERY SITUATION. 
  • This means that at this developmental level ages 3-10, we will have everybody play minimally 75% of every game (probably more especially at the younger ages) depending on the number of subs regardless of one’s talent level.
  • Note & Warning: A player’s playing time may be severely reduced below 75% of the game in the case of injury or behavioral/character issues.  In this case, communication will take place between the team coach and the player’s parents in order to foster a healthy partnership between the two.  


If you have any questions or need clarification regarding your child’s Victory team experience, please do not hesitate to call or write us at the below contact information.