Schools’ Program ServicesYemeni Child Playing Soccer

Victory Football offers the following program services to schools in order to meet their children’s football, physical, and personal educational needs:

  1. “Jr. VICTORY” – PRIMARY SCHOOL FOOTBALL PROGRAM – This program is offered to provide schools with introductory after-school football training and Saturday matches for their primary school children, ages 5-12.
  2. HEALTH & LIFE SKILLS PROGRAM – Health & Life Skills training and teaching along with football training or demonstrations during the school’s PE classes and/or assembly times.
  3. PRIVATE SCHOOL LEAGUE – A private school league  with presently two age divisions, U-18 and U-14.   

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Coaching Staff Background

Victory Football’s head coaching staff are quality, experienced licensed international  and domestic coaches who have been chosen for their love for and ability to work with children & teenagers in order to help them reach their fullest potential in the game.

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