Health & Life Skills Program

Health & Life Skills Program

Program Focus

To provide schools with quality education about health, character, & important life skills in the context of  physical education classes and/or large group assemblies.

 Program Set-Up

Victory Football staff would gladly offer their services to visit a school on a regular or one-off basis to run a PE class and/or lead an assembly to share and teach their students from any year about healthy living & life skills.

Teaching Topics & Courses

  • Healthy Living
    • Diet & exercise
    • Decision Making & Relationships
    • Right and wrong habits (no smoking & anti-drugs)
    • Etc.
  • Teaching Values & Life SkillsThrough Football Course
    • Winning with Humility
    • Losing with Dignity
    • Fair Play
    • Teamwork
    • Healthy Communication – Encouragement & Dealing with Conflict
    • etc.
  • Character Development
    • Honesty & Integrity
    • Hard Work
    • Submission to Authority
    • Being a servant
    • Etc.

Program Cost 

Please contact Keir McDowall, the Schools’ Program Coordinator, for the cost breakdown of each visit.

For More Information & To Invite A Victory Staff Teacher To Your School
Please contact:

Keir McDowall, Schools’ Program Coordinator
Mobile: +357 99 063686