Jr. Victory Program
Colorado Christian Academy

Victory FC is partnering with Colorado Christian Academy in Littleton, Colorado, to bring our fun and exciting recreational soccer program, JR. VICTORY (Click for program info) to its students and children from the community.  

Fall season: August 26 – November 4, 2023

Basic Information

Player Age and Teams

– Boys and Girls Year Born 2012-2017
– Players will be placed on teams that train at their selected location.
– Teams year born 2016-2017 will be co-ed.
– Teams year born 2012-2015 will be gender specific if there are enough of a given gender at the training location to form the team. If not, those teams will be co-ed as well.

Training and Game Details (Location, Dates, Etc.)
  • TRAINING LOCATION:  John Derry Park (Next to CCA in Inverness), 312 Inverness Dr S, Englewood, CO 80112 
  • WEEKLY TRAINING SCHEDULE: Thursdays, 3:45-5:40 PM (Field training ends by 5:30 PM, and players are released by 5:40 PM after clean-up and farewell.)
    • Saturday League Competition Kick-Off Days:
      • Victory In-House Kick-Off Saturday: Saturday,August 26
      • Scrimmage Weekend Kick-Off: Saturday, September 9
      • First League Match: Saturday, September 16
    • Last Saturday League Competition Day: Saturday, November 4 (Could go one more week if forced by bad weather during the season)
Jr. Victory Academy (Pre-Competitive) OPTIONAL Add-On Program
  • Victory FC is excited to offer its advanced youth developmental soccer program for our Jr. Victory players, the Academy “Jr. Victory Add-On” Program, who want to take big jumps forward in their skill and character development.  It is specifically designed to enable the young players in our Jr. Victory program to come one extra day per week during the season in order to master the fundamentals of football (soccer) and prepare them for potential future advanced league competition (There is NO COMMITMENT TO COMPETITIVE SOCCER AT THIS STAGE, just an introduction in case players want to pursue competitive soccer in the future). To learn more about the Victory FC Academy program, please CLICK HERE.
  • Program Description: Outdoor Soccer Training as an “Add-On” to one’s Jr. Victory Team
    • Field Player Training 
    • Goalkeeper Training
    • Arma Dei Academy, Highlands Ranch, CO: Wednesdays, 4:00-5:40 PM
  • SEASON DATES:  August 30 – November 1, 2023
  • TRAINING LOCATION:   Curtis Park, 2323 E. Orchard Road, Greenwood Village
  • WEEKLY TRAINING SCHEDULE: Mondays, 4:00 pm – 5:40 PM (Field training ends by 5:30 PM, and players are released by 5:40 PM after clean-up andfarewell.)
Soccer Options and Fees
  • Program Registration Fee (1x Training & 1x Saturday game per week for the entire season)
    • Early Bird Registration by June 30, 2023 = $185
    • Normal Registration by July 31, 2023 $195
    • Late Registration….. Anytime August 1st and forward = $205
    • Note: If you are interested in just doing training 1x per week WITHOUT the Saturday game option, this is possible and can provide a slight discount.  Please call, email, or text Victory at the contact information below, and we’d gladly accommodate.
  • Pre-Competitive VICTORY ACADEMY Training and Competition Add-On
    • If your child loves soccer, then your kiddo will love the VICTORY ACADEMY!
    • Includes 1x per week of training on top of his/her normal school team training plus approximately 2x-3x competitive matches against local similar-age competitive teams.   
    • The goal is to enable your child to reach his/her fullest potential in the game with Victory’s top and most experienced coaches, as well as prepare him/her to potentially play at a higher and more competitive level in the future in the competitive leagues in Colorado and beyond.
    • Cost: $100
  • New Player Package = $70
    • Royal Blue Victory Training Jersey
    • Black Uniform Shorts (Used for Training and Games)
    • Black Uniform Socks (Used for Training and Games)
    • Annual 2023 Victory Membership Fee
    • Victory Character Cards – 1x Set (Used during Training)
    • Blue Victory Bag
Returning Players

If you are a returning player and already have the uniform items and character cards, you do NOT need to purchase anything that you already own (same uniform as in past seasons).  However, if you’d like to replace any of the items your child has lost or has outgrown, then you may do so during registration or by email at any time during the season.

  • Annual 2023 Victory Membership fee = $20
    • Note: Covers Victory string bag, annual liability, and other related one-time equipment and game uniform costs. This cost is NOT included in the registration fee as these are all 1x per year expenses that the club pays to the liability and equipment companies, and we want to keep costs down as much as possible for those who play in the spring and fall.  Once this is paid the first time a player registers for any program in 2023, it does NOT need to be paid again for the remainder of the calendar year for any future program.
  • Required Training Gear Replacement Prices
    • Black Uniform Shorts (Used for Training and Games) = $15
    • Black Uniform Socks (Used for Training and Games) = $10
    • Royal Blue Victory Training Jersey = $20
    • Victory Character Cards – 1x Set (Used during Training) = $5

Training Uniform:
Each player is required to wear the Victory training uniform kit to trainings. That kit has the following items:
– Royal Blue Victory FC Training Jersey
– Victory FC Black Shorts
– Victory FC Black Socks

Game Jerseys:
Victory FC & Academy will provide each player’s competition game jersey, which he/she will use on Saturdays. It will be loaned out at the beginning of the season and then returned at the end of the season.  NOTE: THE FEE FOR A NON-RETURNED-GAME JERSEY AT THE END OF THE SEASON IS $20. If you own your own game jersey from a previous season, you are free to wear it if you’d like (on the basis that you are on the same team as in the previous season).

For games, players need to wear the following items:
– Victory FC game jersey
– Victory FC Black Shorts (the ones in the training kit)
– Victory FC Black Socks (the ones in the training kit)

Victory Character Cards

The Victory Character Cards are an integral part of Victory’s Character Development Program and are used throughout the season for all of our programs, ages 4-12 years old.  They work as a visual guide for and serve as the backbone of our club ethos and values that we trust and expect every member of our entire Victory family (coaches, players, and parents) to understand, memorize, and apply to their soccer experience both on and off the field. For those young players who are just learning to read, we strongly encourage parents to work with their children to learn and memorize the cards when they would not be able to otherwise.

Equipment Required At Training
  • Victory FC Training Uniform  (Royal blue Victory FC training jersey, Victory FC black shorts, & Victory FC black socks)
  • Soccer Cleats 
  • Soccer Ball (Size 4)
  • Water Bottle 
  • Shin guards (optional)
  • Victory Character Cards