A Character-Based Club

Victory FC & Academy is a character-based club that is committed to developing the ENTIRE PLAYER.  The three primary areas on which we focus are as follows: 

  1. Body – Physical: Your skills and ability to play the game
  2. Mind – Mental: Your Psychological
  3. Heart – Internal: Your core identity, beliefs, values, and character

All Victory management and coaching staff are trained in and expected to teach from this philosophy and to place an individual player’s development and success in life as a whole person before the  needs and desires of the team and club.  We believe that through this approach we will not only build better performing teams, but more importantly players who will become long-term stronger, happier, healthier, and more productive individuals in life.

The schools of thought and sport that have greatly impacted and built aspects of our club and coaching philosophy are (Please click on them below to learn more):

Intentional Player Development

A player’s body, mind, and heart do not simply develop into something amazing on their own. It takes daily, focused hard work and commitment to create people who are truly “champions in life.”  Therefore, Victory pursues a very proactive CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, called, “Forever Champions” that helps our coaches to holistically mentor and develop your children in the football (soccer) team context. This looks as follows in each area of development:

  1. Body – Learning and applying the following aspects of the game:
    1. Technical: How the game is played with regards to the various skills necessary to perform on the field. These include but are not limited to:
      • Dribbling/Ball Control
      • Shooting
      • Passing
      • Receiving
      • Goalkeeping (For those interested in pursuing goalie training)
    2. Tactical: The decisions a player makes in the game. These include but are not limited to:
      • Fundamentals of Offense – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Attacker
      • Fundamentals of Defense – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Defender
      • Combination Play
      • Functional (Positional) Training
  1. Mind – Developing the ability to process the emotions and the mental/psychological aspects of sports in order for our players to become very successful athletes and ultimately “champions” in life far beyond the game. Some of the topics on which we coach are:
    1. Playing successfully under pressure
    2. Dealing with constructive and negative criticism
    3. Managing stress on and off the field
    4. Bouncing back from under-performance
    5. Dealing with lack of playing time
  1. Heart – Learning, processing, and applying the internal “heart” lessons and truths that Victory FC & Academy teach with regards to a player’s identity, values, beliefs, and character which impact his/her entire life on and off the field.

The 8x core lessons, values, and character traits on which we primarily focus are:

  • True Victory (Program Foundation)
  • Character (Club Core Value)
  • Honor (Club Core Value)
  • Excellence (Club Core Value)
  • Respect (Club Core Character Trait)
  • Submission (Club Core Character Trait)
  • Hard Work (Club Core Character Trait)
  • Perseverance (Club Core Character Trait)

Note: Victory partners with many different kinds of schools to provide programs for children from various backgrounds.  For Victory developmental and competitive teams that are partnered with faith-based schools, additional lessons from the Bible are integrated into the “HEART” section of the program. If interested in joining a faith-based team of this nature, please reach out to the Victory staff for more details. 


To develop players in all 3 areas, body, mind, and heart, Victory integrates lessons, application and discussion into every training session and match to one extent or another through:

  1. Coach-Led Skill/Tactical Field Trainings – Intense, fun, competitive, and a personal help to becoming the best player possible
  2. Victory Character Cards – Learn, understand, memorize, and carry them with you wherever you go!!
  3. Team Talks & Small Group Discussions – Always fun and meaningful conversations between teammates
  4. Coach-player personal conversations – Our coaches go out of their way to engage personally with players and to personally mentor them in all areas of the game.
  5. Team socials and events – We implement a couple team socials per season in order to foster unity, relational cohesion, and an authentic sense of camaraderie between players.

Leadership Development

Victory is also very deeply committed to leadership development of their players ages 12+ once a strong foundation has been built through our character development program in the formative years (ages 3-11).  Both on and off the field training in leadership and opportunity to be a servant-leader to their peers are provided for players who desire to join the program.  If a player is interested in pursuing this opportunity, then please contact the Victory coaching staff.